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from left to right: berry fruit tarts, egg tarts, manuka honey, charcuterie board, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and arugula sandwiches, berry chiffon cake, cucumber sandwiches (obscured), deviled eggs, celery and carrots with homemade ranch dip, bruschetta i hosted an afternoon tea party for mother's day. we had a variety of light bites in true tea party

growing up, i was always stuck in between living in the past and anxiously for the future. sometimes i still get stuck in between, but i am thankful to say that i make a lot of my living in the present. living for today has become a massive part of my identity and is

i am not exactly sure where to begin, but here we are. otherworld is finally here! i have always believed that, in life, you get what you give. life hasn't always been easy or fair, but i have always pushed forward knowing that this universe has wonderful plans for me. i know that i