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otherworld event production + design

otherworld is a full-service event production and design company based in southern california, but we can be wherever you are! we will plan celebrations for any occasion, but we love planning for the music, art, and fashion industries.

we have always loved to plan events and find immense value in celebrations because there are never enough! it is very easy to lose sight of the beauty that life holds when we are constantly being worn out by life itself. we want people to feel the magic of life! we will never get days of the past back, and that is why celebrations are so important to us. we believe celebrations can aid longevity, and we want our guests to enjoy and live in the moment before it escapes us.

we are lovers of life and lovers of humanity. we live our best lives by spending time in love, gratitude, and joy. we are driven to share these same experiences with our guests. 

we love and are devoted to the world of special events.

we’re all heart. we’re do or die!