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live now or never

growing up, i was always stuck in between living in the past and anxiously for the future. sometimes i still get stuck in between, but i am thankful to say that i make a lot of my living in the present. living for today has become a massive part of my identity and is something that i shamelessly encourage others to do. it would be exhausting to engage in every single moment. you need stillness too. you have to balance both! be mindful of how you feel in the present moment and appreciating that for what it is. you can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to what happens to you.

i have always hated the idea of living for the weekend. i love to work, but i absolutely will not let it keep me from a dinner party on a tuesday. we don’t have to drag our feet through the week to make it to the weekend. we can run, skip, and dance there! i always find myself telling people to “live a little!” enjoying seven days of the week is better than two! make some space to step outside of your routine and have some fun!

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